Maat as partner

Accommodations with an atmosphere completely your own; a unique experience, fitting in with the landscape or investing in sustainability. For the active contemporary recreation entrepreneur, these are familiar slogans... Renewal and the ability to distinguish yourself are needed now more than ever to keep your guests satisfied. To achieve this, you're looking for a reliable, solid, no-nonsense partner: we are happy to be of service!

The power of teamwork

No one knows your company and your clients better than you do. We can pride ourselves on more than 40 years' experience building high-quality chalets and completing small and large-scale projects. When we combine our strengths, success is assured!

Completing the circle!

From 3D design to prototype, (serial) production, transport, placement, set-up and connection to delivery; we do it all ourselves. But that doesn't complete the circle in our eyes. To us, partnership means that we continue to support you after the bill has been paid. We offer a unique 5-year guarantee on the construction; should anything go wrong, you can fall back on our excellent service.


Whether you're interested in printing brochures, holding a winter sales event in our heated showroom or arranging financing, tell us what you need and we will explore the possibilities together.

Curious what we can achieve together?