Maat Chalets - The luxury of freedom

Your very own chalet is always standing by to accommodate you, and everything you need can be found within. And when you have the time, you can be found there as well. That is the joy of owning a chalet. At Maat we call that the luxury of freedom!

Your place, your chalet - enjoy the unmistakeably personal atmosphere

Your own chalet connects seamlessly to your personal preferences. It starts as a practical decision; you decide for yourself what you need and how you use the space. But above all, it's the feeling that counts: the opportunity to enjoy an atmosphere that is unmistakably your own. You can almost tangibly feel this personal atmosphere in the 3D designs we make for you during the design stage.

Expertise since 1970

Ultimately, we have one goal: making sure you enjoy your free time. That's why at Maat we handle the complete process ourselves (from design to construction and placement and continuing to service). This way we know that everything happens according to our high standards. And should anything go wrong, there's no need to be concerned; Maat Chalets takes full responsibility.

Carefree enjoyment

Het gaat ons uiteindelijk om één doel: dat u volop geniet van uw vrije tijd. Daarom houden we bij Maat het volledige traject (ontwerp, bouw, plaatsing en service) in eigen hand. We weten zo zeker dat alles gebeurt volgens onze maatstaven. En mocht er iets fout gaan, dan hoeft u niet te twijfelen: Maat Chalets neemt de verantwoordelijkheid.

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