Current Offers

Maat Chalets doesn't just offer new chalets. You can also come to us for various stock models, used chalets and even complete lots including chalet.

Lot & Chalet

There are various locations in the Netherlands and abroad where you can move right into a Maat Chalet.

Stock models

We gladly reply as quickly as possible when customers are looking for a vacation home or other accommodation at short notice. For that reason, we always keep a basic stock of chalets. This stock allows us to guarantee a short delivery time for certain models, which has in turn allowed us to help many satisfied customers with their searches!

Wide selection of used chalets

Well-maintained chalets last a long time. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you to find a suitable second-hand chalet. Naturally, you can also rely on us to handle your testing, refurbishing and placement needs.

Because our current offers are constantly changing, we are unfortunately unable to translate every page into English. But you are more than welcome to look at the pages in Dutch.