Maat Chalets - History

For more than 40 years we have been producing, trading and selling caravans, homes, mobile offices and units.

Early years

In the early years, we mainly served individuals and recreation companies. In the mid-seventies the first contacts were made with various municipalities in the Netherlands. We had the opportunity to play a role in the decentralisation of large caravan centres in cities such as Eindhoven, Gouda and Rotterdam.


In 1978 a larger building was bought, allowing capacity increase and serial construction. In 1986 we became importers for various English manufacturers. Since then we have imported aluminium caravans for sale in France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux.

The company's strongest growth has taken place in the last 20 years. In 1990, various companies were approached by the ministry of welfare, health and culture, the ANWB tourism organisation and the NIC (state purchasing office) to explore the possibility of temporary accommodation for the benefit of the then growing stream of refugees.


Maat won the tender and supplied and let the first 500 caravans. We also accommodated the support services including the aliens' police, medical services and judiciary.

In the years that followed, we have produced, placed and let thousands of caravans and dozens of service buildings at refugee centres across the Netherlands.

We have also placed multiple-storey living accommodations in several locations, as well as homes designed for the disabled.

Recreation parks

In the meantime, the Maat group has expanded greatly. Over the years a number of campgrounds have been acquired; see De Posthoorn and Groot Bartje in the menu to the left, for example. Maat has also invested in a second workshop, which has enabled us to double our production capacity.

Your ideas, our workshop

What began as a one-man business started by Gerrit Maat Sr, has become the Maat group, a multi-faceted business focusing on overnight recreation and temporary accommodation.

As you can see, we draw from vast experience in both wood-frame construction and small and large scale projects. We can honestly say that we can take on any challenge. From design to delivery, we do everything ourselves, allowing us to optimally respond to your wishes!