Park & Suite

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The hotel room surrounded by nature

The Park & Suite responds to the current trend in short vacations with a high level of luxury and comfort. And it offers you these opportunities: double rent on a single lot, four-season letting, combinations with recreational activities and increasing the catering sales with breakfast, dinner and room service.

2 spacious hotel rooms with a room service hatch and a technical service area accessible from outside

Practical kitchen with mini bar and space for a microwave

Comfortable double box-spring beds and a collapsible guest bed.

Box bed/bunk bed optional

Complete, low-maintenance bathroom with shower cabin, stylish radiator, bath furnishings and a built-in toilet

The central heating guarantees cosy warmth and extra shower comfort. Greenbox ready

Atmosphere inside and outside can be adapted to your unique surroundings

Dimensions:  11.17 x 4.17 m; 12.77 x 4.17 m, etc.

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